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Watercolor Classes Now Online!

Last week I finished teaching my first set of watercolor classes online. It involved a lot of learning on my part, figuring out how to completely retool for Zoom what I have taught in person for years! The challenge was to create a different kind of rich experience to compensate for the lack of close interaction with the individual students. I was very ably assisted by Art League staff members who took on the task of assisting those of us teachers who lacked the appropriate equipment and expertise by managing the technical aspects of the class, especially all the camera switching. My hat is off to them, especially for their grace and encouragement!

I will be teaching 3 classes again starting in January, one class in the fundamentals of watercolor for beginners, and two classes focusing on watercolor glazing for people with some experience with the medium. If you think you might be interested, take a look at the class descriptions on my website under “Classes and Workshops”. Registration is through the Art League in Alexandria . Winter Term classes at the Art League are starting the week of January 11, so the beginner class starts on the evening of the 12th and the more advanced classes on the 13th. No driving in snow worries for students this year!


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