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For my fellow watercolor painters!

Brown and grey may be the prevailing colors out of doors these days, but brilliant color will be alive and well in the workshop I will be teaching in the beginning of December at the Art League’s Madison Annex: Painting Nature Up Close in Watercolor. This is a 3-day workshop, taking place Tuesday-Thursday, December 3-5. Judging from the pictures on my website, you probably realize that nature up close is a subject close to my heart! It is always intriguing – it hones observation skills for sure, but it can also give the watercolor painter an awareness of playing with a level of abstraction that is not as readily apparent in other subject matter. Who would think that focusing on detail could be very freeing? But it is!

I invite all watercolor painters with a little experience under their belts to come give this workshop a go! The workshop will run from 10 to 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, December 3 through 5, and will be held in Room 14 in the Art League’s Madison Annex in Alexandria. Students can choose to work from actual nature subjects, or from photographic references to create exciting works of art; both approaches will be covered. If you are interested in finding out more about the workshop, or if you would like to see the supply list, please let me know by email to or use the contact form on this website. Registration is through the Art League website:

I will be busy with two other workshops in the beginning of January – Negative Painting: A Positive Experience for Watercolorists on Jan. 7-8 and Jumpstart in Watercolor on Jan. 11-12. More on these workshops soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and I thank you for staying close by reading my very occasional blog!



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