Watercolor Classes and Workshops




Rachel Collins offers 9-week classes in watercolor for painters of all levels, from beginning through advanced, at The Art League in Alexandria, VA. 


At the present time all her classes are online, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, until a COVID-19 vaccine is widely distributed throughout the United States.

Online Classes offered through the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia 

Watercolor – Right from the Start 
A 9-week online class for students wanting

to explore the fundamentals of watercolor.

Tuesday evenings 7:00 pm– 9:30 pm; the first class is April 6, 2021

Wednesday mornings 9:30-- 12 noon; the first class is April 7, 2021

Brush in hand, paper and paint at the ready, you will begin an exploration of the techniques and tools of expression in this ever-surprising medium. This class starts with the basics of the interaction of water and pigment and uses this learning as the foundation for a variety of painting projects. We will cover techniques specific to watercolor, like wet-in-wet painting, using the white of the paper and taking advantage of the medium’s transparency, as well as some of the many aspects of making a successful painting, no matter what the medium. Total beginners, as well as any watercolorist wanting a carefully structured review of the basics, are welcome to join the class.

This class is offered on the Zoom platform. Class sessions will include demos, explanations, and a chance to paint, during which there will be opportunities for everyone to ask questions. Students are encouraged to work on assigned projects between class sessions, and there will be a chance for students to share their work and get feedback. In addition, during the class term, students will have access to a variety of visual resources related to each class that they can review as needed. Students will need to acquire supplies for this class; a supply list is available from the instructor (rbcollinsart@yahoo.com) or from the Art League (school@theartleague.org).

Registration for all classes is through The Art League: 


tel 703-683-2323