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One Design - Two Paintings!

Every now and again, when I finish a painting, I feel that I am not done with the idea behind it, even if I consider the first painting a reasonable success. So I have a second go at the concept, sometimes even using the same drawing. The most recent case is a set of two paintings that anyone looking closely at my music paintings on my website may have noticed.

Strings at Attention, 13 x 21", framed 20 x 28"

The first painting was “Strings at Attention”, which is a half-sheet painting:

Fantasy for Strings, 18 x 28", framed 27 x 36"

I liked the simple, graphic look, but almost immediately I wanted to do a larger version, which would have more elements in it to play with. The result was “Fantasy for Strings” – I was surprised at the direction it took as it developed

So take your pick – I was pretty happy with both!

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