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Collectors' Choice!

In celebration of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association’s 45th Anniversary, 45 of us artists have contributed an artwork to a “Collectors’ Choice” event. You are invited to purchase a ticket for $200 which guarantees you a work of art valued at more than the cost of the ticket, usually considerably more! At the Selection Party on Sunday, September 29, ticket holder names will be randomly called, and when your name is called it is your turn to choose from one of the available pieces of art. Tickets are still being sold - there are only 45 of them total: Please click on for more information and to purchase.

The painting I am offering for the Collectors' Choice is “Tropical Colors” pictured here. The painting itself is 11 x 21”; framed the size is 16 x 26”.

In addition to the Collector’s Choice Selection, there will be an Art Lovers Sweepstake drawing. A $45 ticket gives you a chance to own one of 3 pieces of art, each valued at more than $1500.

For this contest, I donated my painting “Begonia”. It is 37 x 26” framed; the painting is 28 x 18”.

If you would like to see all the 45 artworks on offer for “Collectors’ Choice”, they are all currently on display at the Artists Association Satellite Gallery in the Mosaic District. Images of the art are posted on the Torpedo Factory Artists Association website:

The Selection Party and Sweepstake event will happen on Sunday, September 29 from 3 to 6 pm at the Mosaic Gallery. The Gallery is open for previewing all the artwork on Wednesday through Sunday 11-7. To purchase tickets, go to The Gallery is located at 105 District Avenue, Fairfax 22031.

Best wishes and good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!



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