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Welcome to my new website!

This has been a long time planning, with several false starts, followed by a realization that I would be wise to turn the birthing of the website over to someone with a really good eye and the knowledge to make it into the visual experience I had hoped it would be. Hats off to website designer Deborah Newman who has patiently guided me through the parts I needed to do to make this work, and then put it all together so beautifully. Take a peek at her website if you think you might at some point be interested in setting up or improving a website: . You will not find anyone more delightful to work with!

Branching Out II, watercolor, 18 x 28"

I look forward to sharing news and developments with you as I work on my art. Meanwhile enjoy all the painting images and information on this site. You will see several new paintings in the galleries! Here is one of the most recent. This painting has a curious history -- it started off as a close-up landscape showing plants in Zion National Park. After a year of showing it in my studio, I decided it was in need of a total reworking. This is the result. It was an experiment and therefore great fun to do!


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